Monitoring Of The Basic Educational Programs Mastering Quality In The System Of The University Innovative Activity

  • Nataliya Skornichenko
Keywords: University, Education, Quality, Monitoring


In the conditions of active development of innovative economics the role of higher education in the field of charity welfare and level of state development is considerably increasing. In this situation, the importance of monitoring the quality of higher education provided by universities, increases. Therefore, the main objective of this study was to identify the main components of the monitoring that could provide effective information of the status of the educational environment and the quality of education in the innovative activity of universities.
As the main tool of research we adopted a structure-logical approach, which identified the main components of monitoring the quality of education in the universities and develop a logical sequence of implementation. The study identified the most promising areas to improve the assessment of quality in higher education, which will allow universities to form objective suggestions for improving educational process.


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