• Boris Kovalenko St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
Keywords: Government regulation, Self-regulation, Co-regulation, Public-private partnership


Government regulation of business is based on the application of different rules of behavior of economic agents. These rules are being developed and implemented at the national and regional levels of economic regulation. At a certain stage of development of national and regional regulations are beginning to constrain the global interaction of the agents of economic development. This trend for the economy of Russia and many countries that have more attention udlyat create market conditions for farming. In order to further the economic development of space postsovetsvkogo gaining positive momentum necessary to reduce control over the actions of economic agents and to create a culture of self-regulation. We see the problem is to establish a balance of government regulation and self-regulation in a single continuum. To this end, studies were carried out the forms and methods of state regulation in the Russian economy, the advantages and disadvantages of self-regulation, self-regulatory organizations proposed classification, formulated the conditions under which self-regulation in the post-may be more effective form of impact on the behavior of economic agents than government regulation. In the article the author offers direction of public-private partnership: financial, logistical and administrative real. The development of public-private partnerships as a mechanism for interaction study of global parties “society - the state – business” in the management of priority areas of the economy.


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