• Bogomil Manov University of National and World Economy
Keywords: public pension insurance, private pension insurance


The most recent trends in population dynamics and increased longevity risk have provoked a rigorous debate whether the private or the public pension insurance system should be predominant. The public pension insurance is dominated by the state that guarantees its stability, but is often compared to a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme. The private pension insurance provides personal retirement accounts and proper ownership of the accumulated funds, but its sustainability during prolonged market crises and inadequate risk sharing are often questioned. In order to address the issue, this study analyzes and compares a large set of arguments and popular opinions in favour and against both pension models. As a result of the study, a conclusion is drawn stating that both types of pension insurance, despite of their positive and negative features have their essential role nowadays. This study is part of a growing set of articles on the feasibility of using a proper combination of the two pension models and will contribute to future research on the topic and might benefit policymakers in taking an appropriate decision.


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