Agricultural Financial Market In Uzbekistan, Its Condition And Perspectives For Small And Medium Size Businesses

  • Dilbar Khalmirzaeva Tashkent State Economic
Keywords: Financial Market, Agricultural Sector, Uzbekistan, Small and Medium Business, Agricultural Finance, Institutions


The aim of this paper is to analyze the relationship between financial market development and agricultural sector in Uzbekistan. Research tries to answer these questions an empirical way and tries to clear questions in a role of financial development as also other variables in agrarian sector. Results of this research show that the financial market in agrarian sector has some weak places. 


Prepared for The Handbook of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 3, Agricultural Development: Farmers, Farm Production and Farm Markets, edited by Evenson, R.E., P. Pingali, and T. P. Schultz. Last edited: June 20, 2005.)

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