Innovative Clusters In Regional Economy And Strategy Of Development Of Innovative Activity

  • Diloromkhon Almatova Tashkent Financial Institute, Tashkent
Keywords: Science, Technology, Policy, lnnovation, Infrastructure, lntelectual Property, Cluster, Systém


In this study we investigate the principal factors for regional innovative clusters on the base of large scale technology companies. We determine that the priority task of strategic planning of regional innovative system is search and balance between objective, design, process, and environmental characteristics of cluster as a whole and its organizations-participants. Also, In the article are presented the results of science and technological policy ofUzbekistan. It is known, thatUzbekistanscientists carry out fundamental and applied researches on major directions of modern science, scientific schools of a world level were created. It has researched the strategy of development of innovative activityUzbekistan.


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