• Fatih Kaplan Mersin University
  • Erdoğan Öztürk Karabük University
  • Şule Güngör Mersin University
Keywords: Turkey, Tourism Demand, Convergence Hypothesis


This study empirically revisits and investigates the tourism convergence via using the convergence club algorithm developed by Phillips and Sul (2007: Transition Modeling and Econometric Convergence Tests. Econometrica.75, 1771–1855).  Abbott, De Vita and Altinay (2012: Revisiting The Convergence Hypothesis For Tourism Markets: Evidence From Turkey Using The Pairwise Approach. Tourism Management, 33, 537-544.) not to support club convergence hypothesis valid for Turkey tourism market. Yilanci and Eris (2012: Are tourism markets of Turkey converging or not? A Fourier stationary analysis. Anatolia, 23, 207-216 ) and, Ozcan and Erdogan (2015: Are Turkey's tourism markets converging? Evidence from the two-step LM and three-step RALS-LM unit root. Current Issues in Tourism, 1-18 ) support convergence hypothesis valid for some Turkey tourism market among countries. Therefore, unlike the findings of previously studies, we submit a club convergence for Turkey.


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