Financial Investment In The Republic Of Uzbekistan: Concept, Objectives, Accounting And Reporting

  • Saidjamol Mahmudov
Keywords: Financial Investment, Securities, International Accounting Standards, Actual Cost of Financial Investments, Long-term


The concept of economic essence of financial investments has been defined. Recommendations on improving accounting of long-term and short-term securities have been worked out. Necessity of improving securities accounting, their reflection in the financial reporting, organization of accounting reporting in the part of financial investments accounting has been highlighted. Analytical accounting on the accounts of long-term investments accounting (0600) is conducted on the types of long-term investments and objects, in which these investments are made. Correspondingly compilation of analytical accounting must provide possibility of receiving data about long-term investments in the objects located in theterritoryofUzbekistanand outside it. Financial placements are accepted for accounting as the sum of actual costs for an investor.


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