The Mechanism Of The Functions Of Labor Market

  • Zafar Hudayberdiev Namangan State University
Keywords: Labor Market, Labor Resources, Employment, Demographic Trends, Workplaces


 From theoretical point of view there are different approaches on determining the object that causes of buying -selling interactions in labor market. There are discussions since the middle of the last century. If the economists of CIS countries had the common view about it before the market economy, it became intricate under the influence of western economists.

     From practical point of view, among the whole population of Uzbekistan the tendency of the growth of the population of working age and the shrink of dependency is observed, which requires to increase the number of employed among economic active population. It is important to mention that, during the financial- economic recession, the republic adopted anti-crisis program for 2009-2012, which mainly directed to the most important problems such as creating new labor places and improving the living standards of the population.


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