• Alžbeta Suhányiová University of Presov, Faculty of Management, Konštantínova, Slovakia
  • Ladislav Suhányi University of Presov, Faculty of Management,Slovakia
Keywords: subsistence minimum, legislative changes, social benefits, income tax


The subsistence minimum is a socially recognized minimum level of income for a person; any person whose income is below this level is considered to be in material need. It is one of the key elements of socio-political interventions; in that it binds with important functions in different areas. The level of minimum wage in Slovakia has not changed for the last four years, and now, this issue is a subject of extensive discussions in professional and scientific circles. The paper describes the subsistence minimum and presents the significant legislative changes that affect the functions of the subsistence minimum. The paper analyses, examines, and evaluates the development of the subsistence minimum of: an adult natural person, of another jointly assessed adult person, of non-dependent underage children, and of dependent children – in the period from 1998 to 2016 (the present). The paper also reflects on the current situation in dealing with the issue of the subsistence minimum and its impact on selected social benefits and personal income taxes in Slovakia. The results of the research helped us to propose recommendations on the issue of setting the subsistence minimum and the whole issue as such.


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