Marek Ďurica, Lucia Švábová


Nowadays, Internet plays a major role in people's lives. It is usually used for entertainment, as a source of information, and also for electronic commerce. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is gradually replacing traditional shopping, especially in the past years. It is a quick and easy form of marketing, which provides convenience for the customers, and, therefore, more and more users are using this form of shopping on the Internet. E-commerce also provides new opportunities for companies, which force them to begin dealing with the Internet. Many customers who are shopping on the Internet look for the best product or service close to their home. Most of the space in the search results in Google is occupied by local results. If a company offers some goods or services and they do not show up on the local search results, the company may be losing a lot of profits from these potential customers. That is why companies have to focus on best ranking in the local search results. In this article, we try to experimentally determine which factors affect ranking in Google search. Of course, it is necessary to quantify the impact of these factors. To select these factors and to determine their impact, we use exact methods of mathematical statistics, hypothesis testing, correlation, and regression analysis. Confirmation and quantification of the impact of some qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the company can be used to formulate recommendations for improving corporate strategy in acquiring new customers.


Google search, electronic commerce, ranking in Google

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